Sponsors & Partners


Our platform provides branded elements within the tracking page allowing partner logos to gain additional exposure throughout course of the event. With rotating banners all your partners can be displayed with hyperlinks to their own platform.

Additionally, events can use this area to sell event merchandise, signups for the next year or even their following race later on in the season.


A Unique Platform

Our tracking page is mobile responsive that provides four key areas that partner of your event could maximise:

  1. Integrated Social Media

    • Your pinned posts will always viable when viewed - more views for sponosors

    • Use news posts for event releases by partners

    • Write blog posts to keep viewers of the event up to date with how the event unfolds that are sponsored by partners

  2. Large Event or Partner Logos

    • Display the title partner of the event or series

    • Provide additional

  3. Rotating Banners

    • Partner Banners

    • Hyperlinked to partner page, merchandise store or registration interest

  4. YouTube Video Integration

    • Partner promotional videos integrated into tracking platform


The Full Package