the vision

Dot Track Asia


When harder, faster, and tougher is the new norm, organisation becomes scarier, riskier, and pricer. This places race directors and those that participate in these events at always increasing dangers 

Increased participant and financial risks does not equal a success.

Race directors can sleep easy when;

  • They know where the competitor actions are swift and accurate,

  • Supports know when and where to be when it's needed most,

  • Better partner opportunities for event directors to sell; more revenues

  • Viewers become more engaged and sign up to the following year's event.

Enter Dot watching for masses.


Who Are We?

Dot Track Asia; keen ultra runners (often completed but equally failed) with more than 10 years of international sporting event delivery background throughout Asia.

We know how events work, we've organised and participated in them as well. Dot Track Asia was created to support event organisers with their planning efforts, while providing a new engrossing event platform through which to follow endurance efforts.