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Outdoor events are difficult to follow due to the distances involved and the remoteness of the competition area. We hire out robust little units that send out their signal to the maps at chosen intervals. See table below for the duration of the battery life. The trackers are GPS units which means they use satellites to work out their location and then they send this information to our live map on the web using the telecommunications network. These units are not reliant on any specific network allowing them to work everywhere.

Watch key moments unfold by "Dot Watching" with the use of our technology: 

  • The trackers are lightweight and are just larger than a matchbox - 78mm high x 40 mm wide x 22mm deep. Total weight 90g.

  • Most units waterproof and are pre-sealed in plastic pouches.

  • The units have a large buffer, so if you are in a location with no mobile signal, the tracker will record the location and upload to our servers when back in range.

  • The trackers work when looking at the sky so best attached to a user’s shoulder

Message IntervalExpected Battery Life
90 seconds28 Hours*
2 minutes32 Hours*
3 minutes48Hours*
5 minutes72 Hours*
10 minutes96 Hours*
*battery life can be reduced by cloud cover, tree cover , being indoors and cold temperatures.

Our Service & Where Tracking Benefits

We occupy a unique spot on the internet enabling you to showcase your event to the world, providing a global viewership on both computers and mobile devices. We can deliver to all different types of events using our platform.

  • Running / Ultra Running / Marathons / Trail Running

  • Walking / Trekking / Expeditions

  • Kayaking / Canoeing / Out-Rigging

  • Cycling / Sportives

  • Mountain Bike Challenges / Enduro

  • Event Staff / Logistics & Sweepers / Directors

  • Safety Staff / Medics/ Key Players / Emergency Services

  • Scouts / Youth Groups / Schools

  • Charity Fundraising Events

  • Orienteering

The application of a bespoke map is endless. Drive a global audience to follow the competitors. Draw everyone into the event - it's addictive to "Dot Watch"

Dot Asia provides services direct to Race Directors or for solo efforts (FKT, Charity Challenge, Expedition).


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