Dot Track Asia


Dot Track Asia is real time live tracking of race participants. Improved logistics and reduced expensive while significantly increasing excitement!


Our platform has been used globally across a variety of outdoor endeavours from island hopping to week-long winter challenges to a single event showdown. A trusted platform with more than 10,000 hours of successful realtime tracking.

With a rich history in events for more than a decade, Dot Track Asia was developed to support the creators of outdoor endeavours allowing them to work on what they do best - putting on their best event.

Our tracking platform is mobile responsive so works on every device. Additionally, we share our partner’s app to deliver a mobile first experience.



Dot Track asia is a specialist in:

Live Tracking

Our trackers are the best on the market and provide live tracking of all participants during your event. Knowing where your competitors are increases their safety and provides comfort to friends and family. 

It can also improve your event logistics and reduce headaches - include support teams or sweepers to have up to date locations. Do you spend hours calling runners to find out where they may have gotten too? Tracking will tell you!


DOt Track Asia’s:

Tracking Updates & News

Realtime tracking of your participants is straight forward - a tracker is put onto a participant and their dot moves across a map. Sounds simple (and it is) but where tracking really shines is with all the flexibility, cost savings, increased safety and more it can provide. Not sure where to start? We’ll be updating our knowledge library often so stay tuned!


Dot Track Asia Are:

Devoted to Accuracy

When you work with Dot Track Asia your goals become our goals. Our team is here to assist in delivering an expertly executed event - from safety management, to logistics, to growing your audience through social media.  Our team works hand in hand to ensure not one moment is lost.

  • More than 10 years delivering international events in Asia

  • Unmatched excitement and safety through Live Tracking

  • Integration with Google Maps, private logistics maps and more

live tracking increases your:

Partner Benefits

Increase your sponsorship revenue by providing new opportunities for your partners to be part of your 'live event'. Trail, adventure or even sailing races occur in the wilderness with infrequent updates. Tracking brings a 'live broadcast' quality to these races currently not available for brands.

Maximise the ROI (return on investment), provide direct links to your merchandise store, digital homepage, and more through social media pinned posts, rotating logo exposure, sponsored news stories.



Dot Track Asia Trackers work in:

All Locations

Yes, we’re based in Hong Kong but we use special SIMs that allow us to work in EVERY country in Asia.

Our trackers have currently been successfully deployed in Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan and Malaysia. We use special SIMs that are not limited to a network enabling data to be sent with the smallest of data on any network available.

- Have passport, will travel. No event is too far away for us!




Race Director? Chat to us, we want to help track your runners.


Reserve Your Adventure

We're keen to work on your event so do not hesitate to get in touch. Let us know when your event is, how many trackers you need and any other special requirements.

We know events and and we know trackers! We are also not Hong kong bound but can work in all asian locations!

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