Safety & Logistics

why risk your event on the chances a participants goes off course. Safety is paramount to any successful event.



  • No event organiser wants something to go wrong at their event - or anyone else's for that matter! Trackers add an extra security and safety element to the event by knowing where all your participants are. 

  • Some one's gone of course? No problem, you can send someone to meet them. Someone is running late? Also not a problem as you can plan exactly for their arrival time. 

  • Additionally, should it be required, every devices is equipped with an emergency "SOS" button that will send an SMS directly to the Race Director's phone with their latitude, longitude and a link to their position. 



  • While it's great to know where all the competitors are it's equally important to know where your event team is. Organising an event across a vast distance increases communication stress and logistics planning is the key to any successful event. 

  • Why not create a private map, just for your team, that you can use to see everyone's location. Save time chasing and money calling. 

  • Equally, by knowing exactly where all participants are the logistics team can pick up, drop off, prepare for all runners at exactly the right time. 

  • Remove guess work, save money, become a logistics pro!



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Ultimately we're here to help you run your best event, make it the safest it's ever been, the most watched and ultimately the most profitable.