Timing Solutions

Every tracking platform integrates live timing solutions for automatic leaderboards for participants from check point to check point. Official times can be generated from tracking only, a combination of tracking and scanning or scanning only.

Accurate timing is vital to any successful event not only during but afterwards when validating results for ITRA points. We provide a ‘ready-to-upload’ document for ITRA race points.

The combination of live event tracking and automatic leaderboard updates provides your online audience hours of addictive entertainment.

Both our tracking and timing only platforms are mobile friendly. Your tracking & timing only event can be included into our event app too!



Timing & Tracking Solution

  • Geo-location timing: Platform generated timing from geo-fenced locations reducing volunteer, equipment and staff costs (no physical presence required).

  • Frequent timing points: Don’t be limited to updates only at Check Points. Create additional geolocations timing points for a more frequently leaderboard update

  • Individual split times: Each runners’ splits are created as the event unfolds for a full breakdown after the event

  • Scanned Timing: Uses barcodes scanning with our small handheld PDA scanners at CPs or the finish to override the geolocation timing to generate an exact finish times

  • Timing Page: Every tracking platform comes built with a full overview timing page as well as an individual timing page that includes participant photos, last tracked time/location.

  • Stage Timing: For multi-stage or multi-day events the platform automatically creates a cumulative time in addition to a daily breakdown.

Timing Only Solutions

  • Barcode Timing: Include barcodes on a runner’s bib number to have live accurate timing. Our PDA devices scan each participants barcode to generate a time

    • No additional ‘CHIP’ cost as barcode just a number on a bib/wristband

    • No stress on ‘CHIP returns’. If a participant disappears no lost money

  • Individual Start: Scan each participant as they set off from the start (time-trial)

  • Check Point / Fish Timing: Scan as they pass through a CP when finished. Quick and easy

Our Timing Only solution is extremely affordable as it requires only our handheld PDA devices, a web based timing page (included) and volunteers to scan participants.

  • HK $ 20 / runner

  • HK $ 400 / handheld PDA

No hidden fees. Charged based on start list.