Tahura Trail Run

Tahura Trail Run


In just a few years the Tahura Trail in Bandung, roughly three hours away from Indonesia's capital Jakarta, has developed into one the country's top running events. The 7th edition on 19 January is again the opening race of the Asia Trail Master Championship series, as it was in 2018 and 2017. The event is organised by the running division of Indonesian Biking Adventure, a well-oiled team that puts up several events a year as well as guide adventure travellers around the region and Java as a whole. The event features a Trail Running Expo as well, and can be combined with a city trip to Jakarta, or quite simply a great weekend outdoors with the family as the Bandung area is famous for that. 

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Features & Purpose

Our first event out of Hong Kong and in partnership with Asia Trail Master the Tahura Trail Running Race saw the top protagonists for the series carry trackers for the first time. The race was a close one with second place slowly catching up to the leader which drew excitement from the expectant crowd at the finish line. Unfortunately it was left a little late as first place held on. The event was beamed onto a large projector at the finish so everyone could watch.

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