Trackable Events

Can you track my [XXX] event?

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Dot Track Asia has received this question quite a lot recently as more and more organisations have become aware of live tracking. To name a few enquiries:

  • Trail Races

  • Out-Rigging Paddling

  • Stand Up Paddling

  • Open Water Swimming

  • Corporate & Kids Adventure

  • Orienteering Events

  • Cycling Events

  • Security tracking of VIPs (this one took us by surprise too)

  • Staff on construction sites (to make sure their working not hiding)

The answer is yes to all though the last two would need some finessing on execution and we would admit that our expertise lie with event delivery rather than VIP protection.

Ultimately, the trackers a small unit that needs to be carried by the race participant. For safety purposes it’s always best to be on the person, rather than a boat supervising a swimmer or a car beside a cyclist for example. In addition, it performs best when it’s facing the sky, not hidden at the bottom of the backpack, which is something else to consider.

If you’re thinking about offering/using live tracking at your event consider the following:

  • Can I attach a tracker to a person - do they have a pocket, are they carrying a pack it could be attached to?

  • How frequently do I need updates - consider 1min intervals last 24hrs so if the event goes longer what frequency of updates can I use? We will advise and manage too!

If we can answer those two questions then tracking is 100% possible at your event. Got any more questions? Let us know so that we can address it!