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What are the interval settings?

Our robust little GPS trackers have a range of interval settings that provide each event with the greatest accuracy possible no matter how long or short the event is. The intervals are set together as a ‘check & send’ meaning the GPS unit will check its location and then send the data packet to the servers at the intervals instructed.

The send part is done via cellular network. Should there be no network coverage there will be a delay, however if it’s unable to be sent the location is stored until the next time the device can connect ensuring every device has a complete data set. Each time they can’t connect the device will try a little harder to get through the next time.

Crucially, our SIMs are worldwide multi-network meaning they are continuously looking for the best network coverage, not a specific network. In places where your phone may not have signal the data packets will likely be sent due to their small size (1-10kb).

What does that all mean for intervals?

Essentially, in areas where there is good signal and the event is short, the default 60s interval setting is recommended. The image on the right shows nice clear reporting at 1-min intervals for a paddling event. With this consistency of quality reporting our 90g unit would last for 24 hrs at this interval.

If there are some areas on the course with low signal we suggest longer intervals due to the increased effort the tracker will undertake each time it can’t reach our server. For these events a 90 - 120s interval would be suggested. Still very frequent and allows for additional battery drain. At these intervals we’d anticipate the battery to last from 28 - 32-hrs.

For the 100-mile races or events lasting up to and over 48 hours the starting interval is recommended at 3-min however if it’s through areas of low signal 5-min would be the preferred starting interval.

Could the interval be lower than 60s?

Ultimately, yes, the trackers have successfully been tried and tested at 1s intervals - the lowest possible - essentially providing realtime updates. Obviously, this will impact the battery life as essentially the unit is continuously working meaning it is only suitable for events lasting less than 8 hours. In addition, in our basic package the web-platform refreshes every minute so this option is only available on our premium package.

Realtime tracking along with a specific GPS coordinate finish spot location could provide highly accurate CP times reducing the need for staff at those points as well as accurate finish times too!

Want to know more about the intervals needed for your event - get in touch!

Ben Lee