Using Geolocation Timing

Geolocation Timing


Every event needs timing if there is an element of competition; participants want to know their time and position as soon as possible after crossing the finish line so it has to be accurate and quick. Our platform does provide timing however, currently, it is delivered through geolocation - we create a geolocation perimeter on the event map and when a tracker sends a signal inside this perimeter a time is recorded.

The geolocation on the map can be as wide as 1km or as low as 20m. It all depends on the event because a longer race = longer intervals. This could mean a participant crosses the line and a time isn’t recorded for 1-3min. For Check Points on a 50km+ trail race this isn’t an issue as ultimately, as they are just stop-&-go spots but for the finish this wouldn’t work.

These geolocation perimeters are default set to 500m - a perimeter that we feel captures most events.

As such, for the finish line it is recommended that a camera be set up or manual times be recorded allowing us to correct the time on the back end. Or equally, we can link up to the official timing provider of the event.

In addition, we can incorporate ‘barcode’ timing - if a barcode is on a race bib or wristband we can scan that as they arrive at a CP or the finish line to generate an exact time. Dot Track Asia has small PDA devices that can be provided to scan these codes.


Premium Vs. Basic

Timing can be incorporated on both platforms but for basic it’s straight geolocation only. With the premium package we can work the back-end to reflect exact times, incorporate barcode scanning and have an up to date automatic leaderboard throughout the race

Want to know more about timing - drop us a note?