10 Reasons to Track Your Event

10 Reasons why you should track your event:

10 reasons.png
  1. Worldwide Reach. Share your event with the world! Accurate tracking. Zoomable map. Colour coded categories & participants. Unlimited checkpoints. Track support teams. Promote your sponsors! Replay the event.

    • Every event has a personalised URL to be shared and viewed on any screen!

  2. Accurate Timing. Tracking uses geolocation timing for CPs which provides Race Directors with accurate (the interval) timing for individual CPs. Additionally, our handheld PDA barcode scanners can be used at finish lines (or CPs if required) to provide exact finishing times. For those real remote timing location remove the staff/volunteers required saving on costs & logistics.

  3. Safety First! With frequent updates (low as every 1-min) throughout your event you’ll never lose a runner. Even if they leave the event halfway through without warning or informing we’ll be able to track them back to their home/hotel to know they’re safe even if they haven’t contacted us.

  4. Detailed GPS Recording. Catch cheaters, help lost ones make their way back and ultimately know where everyone is at all times and where they ran. No more errors or lost participants.

  5. Individual Profiles. Every participant has their own profile which include their photo, split times current location and soon ETA’s of when they’ll arrive at the next CP!

  6. Automatic Leaderboard. View a full leader board that’s automatically updated as the race unfolds! Follow the event for accurate positions and checkpoint times.

  7. Zoomable Map! Precise location markers. See what's nearby. Keep spectators informed. Click on participant name or number to view profile.

    • Clean, crisp maps zoomable right down to 30m

  8. Integrated social media. Our platform integrates social media so event updates are included directly on the platform.

  9. Fundraise with a captive audience! Give viewers the opportunity to donate throughout the duration of the event. When the audience is captive and following along don’t miss this opportunity to increase fundraising efforts

  10. Full Multiple Platform View-ability . View on any connected device - it only needs a URL! Offer world-wide access to your event by sharing your map and profile via a simple link provided to your fan base, schools, families and other interested parties.

And that is just 10 reasons why but there are a host of more benefits to using live realtime tracking at your event. Get in touch with us to learn more.