Accurate Timing


Dot Track Asia's tracking is built with accurate timing in addition to live real-time tracking - an all in one platform that has the potential to reduce logistics and timing associated costs all while increasing the performance of your event. Geolocation Check Points can be placed anywhere on a map, these aren’t limited by road access/potential support spots but at the whim of a Race Director. As the platform auto-generates times from trackers passing through these geolocated spots no volunteers or staff or additional equipment is required.

In addition, as times come in from individual participants the leaderboard is automatically updated to show current standings as the race unfolds. Place up to 20 different geolocation timing points across a route to keep the leaderboard more frequently updated - they’re just ‘spots’ on a map after all!

After a tracker is put on a participant at the start no further action needs to be taken by the race director / organisation to sort times until the finish line! How easy is that?

The finish line can also use geo-location to create a finish time, however, due to the interval rate times could be upwards of 5min off, which is not ideal. For races lasting 24-72hrs a few minutes might be an acceptable margin of discrepancy however, at Dot Track Asia we prefer to be accurate! Therefore in order to generate the exact finish time we use handheld barcode scanners (using our own software) to scan each runner’s bib number (as a barcode) when they cross the finish line which overrides the geolocation finish time to produce their exact finish time.

All results can be manually edited and overridden on the back end should there be any argument, though with trackers reporting locations every 1-2min there is continuous proof of a participant’s location backing up times produced giving power to the race director backing up their decisions!

Simple, accurate and hassle free timing and live real-time tracking all on one platform - sounds good right?

Our timing solution can also be used without trackers for an even simpler timing option. Talk to us about how we can help but at it’s core:

  1. Include a barcode on the participants bib (no additional cost)

  2. Use our handheld scanners to record times as runners cross the finish line (use multiple if lots of runners expected within seconds)

  3. Share live times on a live link

As event organisers ourselves we’re here to help reduce costs and improve your event experience for everyone - runners, supporters, sponsors and fans alike!